Originally from New England, I moved to New York City in 2001. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelors in Fine Art, I remained in NYC to absorb the energy of the city and its people. This time shaped who I would become as an artist in truly unforeseen ways. 

After moving to Southern California in 2009 and studying the local street art, as well as the thriving craft-art community in the West, I gradually moved away from my traditional painting background. I began experimenting with different, more natural, mediums. Trying to get back to the joy of creating art lead to this, very process-based, work on wood. 

This work is about the time taken to make a single line. The inability to rush through the process. It is about the smell of the wood as it burns and the texture of the lines as they form. It is about trying to control that which is so very difficult to control by learning to feel what is happening under the fingertips. It is a meditation both in its creation as well as in the feel of the final product.